Robert Johnston



A fresh new approach



The TDSB has become an open purse and political nightmare with a lack of accountability over the past 8 years. Need more evidence? When you have a few minutes review the troubling facts in the Ernst & Young Forensic Audit of the TDSB.

It's time as parents we stop the insanity and get back to responsible education.

Some candidates endorse additional taxes as a solution to the economic problems , I say revenue can be found with responsible spending and new revenue streams. I will pursue new revenue opportunities like corporate sponsorship, closely monitored and under boards control.

I will lobby higher levels of government for tax incentives to promote and encourage corporate sponsorship in our educational system. I believe in fiscal responsibility and transparency.

The world is smaller thanks to technology. Our educational systems must allow children the tools needed to compete on global levels.

We need more open dialogue with the constituents like you to understand and advocate your educational concerns and at the same time explain endeavours we are embarking on to improve the system.

If we are to react correctly and established effective policy and solutions to ongoing problems that best service our community, It is imperative that we are connected to the school boards, superintendents and parents. No problem can effectively be resolved without examining and analyzing all viewpoints. Trustees must review programs and implement new policy's with corrective actions to ensure compliance.

Trustees must communicate to the Ministry of Education educational flaws and weaknesses in the system and lobby for corrective action'. I will champion this cause.

I say we stop closing schools and overcrowding classrooms to sell off properties to balance budgets.

I believe' If we work together' and act responsibly we can reverse the downward spiral of our education system and become the leaders that set the new standard for education.

If you believe we need a fresh new logical approach.

If you share my vision of this Vote Robert Johnston for trustee.

I appreciate your consideration and support.